Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Featured Artist at Best of the Valley Quilt Show

Stones in a Bowl 18"L x 12"W x 10"H
Have you ever wondered why we choose to do what we do? Whatever 'it' is we make these choices in our lives and we either love 'it' or questioned our choice. I think that those of us who choose to work in the arts never question the choice, but maybe the obsessive nature of the choice. And what better way to explore that than by applauding one of our members.

We are applauding her today because she was the featured artist at the Best of the Valley Quilt Show presented in the Central Valley in Lindsay, California.

Blue Windows 23.5"H x 17"W
Sara is an artist. She has a great eye and most importantly a great 'knack' at editing her work. She is a modernist by nature. She is able to pare an idea down to its 'bottom line'. That is a difficult thing to do - especially when you are working on your own pieces. I think that her ability to do this is that obsessive nature that artist's utilize. She uses that energy to work out her ideas and she will stick to it until she finds the right path. Amazing!

Sara's work is primarily abstract. She uses color and texture in an extraordinarily delicate and minimalist way. Her pieces are visually pleasing and often carry a little witticism within them.



  1. It was a gift to have Sara as Featured Artist. She (and her work) are truly inspirational.

  2. Yay for Sara! Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, just like you! =)

  3. Another Yea for Sara. Best of the Valley was a great show - Sara's "booth" made a great entry into the show.