Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And They're Here.....

Last night our group met for the revealing of our second round of work for the year.  We are using inspiration boards that we each created.  We pass those around so that each member can create a piece of art inspired by that board.  This is such a great exercise and stretches each of us to further explore the directions that we are working in and to also get us to work ‘outside the box’.  This round was particularly expressive of moving us in different and new directions.  

We would also like to welcome our newest member, Lesley Cunningham.  She will be a great addition to our group for her inspiration and insight.

So without further adieu here are our creations for this round: 

Adena Joseph

 Barbara Sindlinger

Barbara Sawyer

Anna Koelewyn

Sara Kelly

Karen Taber

 Grace Hoya


  1. All are awesome! Fun meeting with you all again.

  2. What an eclectic and intriguing bunch of work. You all keep me inspired.