Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is our inaugural post for our art group Loose Threads.  This group has been meeting, learning, teaching, and creating with each other for a number of years now, but we really felt a need for our work to be seen by more people then just us.  We hope that you enjoy the fiber art the we share on this blog.  

Last night was out first 'reveal' and critique of the year.  We are challenging ourselves this year with story boards or 'imgination' boards which each of us made.  Throughout the year we will pass our story boards around so that each of us can develop a fiber art piece.  We are working on drawing inspiriation from each board.  So one person may respond to the color on a specific board, and another may respond to specific objects on the board.  It is a very open challenge for us.  And it is harder then one might expect.  This is why we give ourselves two months to develop and create a fiber art piece.  And then we learn and help each other through our critique process.

Below are the pieces that we have created this time around:

Anna Koelewyn

Barbara Sindlinger

Barbara Sawyer

Grace Hoya

Karen Taber

Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly
Sara Kelly did three pieces.  Her final one is still a work in progress and I think that all of agree that we can not wait to swee it finished and see what choices she made.


  1. We are launched! Nicely done, Karen.

  2. Great work. You all have done a very good job. You are an inspiration.

  3. Congratulations on your official blog.