Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Time with Loose Threads

     It is spring time and everything is beginning to feel new again.  With the new year a new challenge was presented.  Our group is very eclectic.  It is often difficult for use to decide what we want to do.  And, as with any group, many of us struggle with our sense of self - "Who am I?" "Where do I fit in?" "What kind of artist am I?"  All of us ask these questions of ourselves.  I am hopeful that through the challenges that our group gives one another, each of us can answer those questions.  Or at least have a better insight of how these puzzle pieces fit together.  Spring time gives us a sense of renewal and this latest challenge was met with that same sense of Spring renewal.   

     Loose Threads finished the newest and latest challenge.  We each gathered five to six items from a specific list, brought them to our Christmas meeting, where the items went into bags, and we had to blind pick five or six of them.  The hope was that we would each get an array of everyones items.  Some of the types of items on the list were buttons, ribbon, unconventional fabric, paper ephemera, and metal. However, several of us chose items that we had brought.  Then with these items we were to make an art quilt in the size range of 16x20 to 18x24.   It's interesting that for us, as a group, size is an issue.  We can't go too small or too big, and we will spend quite a bit of time debating what is too small or too big.  We usually love the concept of the challenge, but that size thing can be quite a grappling hook.   

     Arranged on the page are our completed results.  This was a fun challenge.  I know that the paper ephemera, for me was a challenge. How do you work with this stuff.  But everyone integrated each of their items in really great ways.  

Deolinda Rhoades
     Deolinda developed a coffee themed piece.  She was inspired by the Starbucks's cards that she chose.  I love the velvet fabric (her unconventional fabric) because she created subtle coffee cups with steam rising from them. Deolinda is very bold in her choices.  She uses strong design, colors, and texture.  This piece is no exception. 
Barbara Sawyer

     Barbara Sawyer loves flowers.  A lot of her work centers around gardens and flowers. Her designs are often very illustrative, humorous, and peaceful. There is a 'child' like quality to her work, in that I mean, I am often taken back to the wonder of childhood through her eyes.  Her color choice are usually very bright and clear, and she has a way of making choices that are straight to the point.  This piece is quite charming.

Adena Joseph
     Adena Joseph has such a command of color.  Many of her pieces remind me of the highly energized images that come out of Mexico, and Central and South America.  But there is also an Asian feel as well.  She does make pieces that are very subtle, but very thoughtfully designed.  This piece is exuberant color and texture.  Wonderful job!

Karen Taber
     My piece (Karen Taber) is good.  I, like some of the other artists, still want to refine the piece and add some more too it.  I actually tried to use more then one unconventional fabric - I originally chose a suede type fabric.  So I added in lace, and denim (from a pair of pants), and I backed the whole piece with a stretchy jersey.  I painted buttons that I had to use and crochet a lace piece to add to the piece.  My work can either range from being highly illustrative to highly abstract.  

Barbara Sindlinger
     Barbara Sindlinger has a great love for nature.  She has made truly beautiful landscapes.  But when she is inspired by the sea her pieces really come to life.  This resent piece is no exception.   She has a great use of subtle color and really works with embellishments well.  I love what she did with the acorn buttons she got from me.  She turned them upside down and filled them with beads.  
Grace Hoya

     Grace Hoya is very clever.  She really looks carefully at the world around her and then brings it into her work.  Each piece she makes is usually very personal.  This piece is no exception.  She based her design on photos she took of the rafters in her new home that is being built.  From there she created a very organic abstract image referencing her old home and the new home that she will be moving into.  It is quite lovely

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  1. Very well said Karen. I like your description. I think the size issue is if we every held another art show - some sort of set size would look best. But what do I know. If I could I would usually go smaller for my art pieces.