Saturday, March 28, 2015

Impressionistically Inspired

Deolinda Rhoades

 Well here we are again.  Our first projects for the new year.  We are challenging ourselves with art styles this year.  This first round of quilts were inspired by Impressionism.  We looked at different artists and took elements from their work. People were inspired by everyone from Vincent Van Gogh to Edward Degas. It may have been the colors, the objects in the painting, the general feel of the piece, or the entire subject matter.  We have here quite an eclectic presentation. 

Some of us are really thinking about what we are producing, so some of our pieces are not complete yet.  We are looking for more feed back on what we are working on, rather then ideas after the fact, or the finished piece.  

Our next challenge is Abstract Expressionism.  I don't think that any of us can wait to see what we do with that style or movement.

We have two new members this year - Klara East from Exeter and Becky Haley from Springville, and one returning member - Deolinda Rhoads from Hanford.  We can't wait to see how they will inspire us all.

Karen Taber

Barbara Sawyer

Barbara Sindlinger

Adena Joseph

Becky Haley


  1. They all were great. Thanks for posting this Karen.

  2. So inspiring to see the unique and diverse responses to impressionism as a starting point. (Where are you, Grace?) I miss everyone and wish the Loose Threads an artistic and fulfilling journey together.